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My three girlfriends & I very much enjoyed the show.  We sat in the front row & loved every minute of O'Connor's performance.  He is extraordinarily versatile & talented & relatable.  If you don't pay very close attention, you can simply enjoy his pratfalling style reminiscent of Chris Farley.  But O'Connor is much much more than that.  A keenly perceptive writer & performer, he is courageous enough to rawly expose his (and our?) vulnerabilities, lending a much richer & satisfying depth to the performance.
My prediction is that if he keeps at it, eventually he will end up with his own sitcom. 
And I can't wait to watch it every week, when that happens.  :)

Laurie Murdock, "Zero" Audience Member -

Great show, impressive energy, and the delineation of characters was spectacular. I would like to, and will see it again.

Billy Simpson, Song Writer/ Performer & "Zero" Audience Member

"ZERO" - A "Must See"

If you are looking for a evening of laughter and thought provoking dialogue - ZERO is the place to be. Jerry and I went last night and really enjoyed ourselves. The theater is intimate and all seats are wonderful.  Danny is an amazing actor, and it is a tribute to his skills that he can keep up the pace for two hours and he really does an amazing job. Having raised a child thru his age - I could see many of the things we went thru with our daughter - even though Penny was a girl.  I highly recommend ZERO and have a feeling I may be bragging in the future that I knew him when his career was just starting!
Gwen and Jerry Frazier, "Zero" Audience Members

Wonderful Play

I am usually very picky about theater performances.  Danny you are very talented.  I am 24, so the play hit home for me.  I loved how insightful yet off the wall it was.  The mixture of truth and comedy was perfect.  I will be back to see your wonderful show again.......Thank you for a great experience.
Rocky Cloninger, "Zero" Audience Member 

We thought "Zero" was excellent.  Danny O'Connor is another comic actor much like John Belushi.  He should have a great career of ahead of him, especially since in "Zero" (and likely real life) he learns that babes, booze and drugs aren't at all that they seem to a young man who thinks he can have all he wants of them.  A lesson that was apparently lost on Belushi.

A big talent this O'Connor.  We can say we saw him when.

Neil Thomas, "Zero" Audience Member

WOW..I am so glad I didn’t miss this play!  Danny O’Connor is hysterically funny, amazingly energetic and makes you think about life at the same time.  The play Zero is sinisterly surprising almost every moment of the performance.  Danny takes the audience from sad to funny almost in a heartbeat.  I could have sworn there were more actors on stage than ONE!

This play left me thinking and wondering about my own life not just the play characters. 

Making fun of the most serious things makes them bearable!

Thank you so much for this production and your fantastic funny heart!  Spread it far and wide…we all need it!

Doris Woodruff, "Zero" Audience Member

What a wonderful show!  Danny portrays all the character's wonderfully and you are never feeling lost.  I laughed so hard my stomach hurt!  What amazed me the most is how this show related to so many different real life situations.  Danny is charming, warm, honest, and absolutely hilarious!  I laughed and I cried.  Everyone needs to see this play!!

Elisha Brown, "Zero" Audience Member

How optimistic can you really be after seeing a play called "ZERO"?  Especially after you discover it is specifically speaking of the "average" male of your age group?  Surprisingly optimistic actually.  Danny O'Connor does a phenomenal job of taking 3 average Joe's that amount to zero in their pining for a girl they crushed on in high school (and well into their 20's).  You would think the play would be based around her, but Danny really makes her a character who you already know, even though her character is not physically portrayed.  Each of these guys (3 main characters & 3 side characters) gets a thorough self-examination and, just for a moment, they return to being those people they were in high school.  It really makes you think.  We all think we have forgotten, but do a little soul searching and there it is, that thing you thought you left behind.  Danny single-handedly nails this and makes it incredibly relatable.  But don't think for a minute that "ZERO" will leave you down in the dumps or leave you bored; I truly did laugh almost the entire show.  Danny is amazingly able to make the characters so distinct, you don't even realize it is a one-man show.  This is a play that is time well spent, DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!

Rachel Hans, "Zero" Audience Member

What a great play and "wow" for wonderful in the acting that Danny did playing all the characters while keeping the dialogs clear for the audience.  God Bless all of you for taking your talents to contribute to Life in a more KNOWING and AWARENESS way for all who come to see the play.was.

Louise Kimbrell, "Zero" Audience Member

Danny O'Connor's "Zero," Scores Big! 

A tour de force of comedic wit, mixed with the pathos of the contrast between the attempts of several characters to achieve specialness while sensing a level of averageness or mediocrity about themselves with reference to what they have done and accomplished.  But to the audience all 6 characters come alive with very special qualities distorted by the angst of self-and-life-contemplation as they stand poised on the brink of breakthroughs to the realization of greater dreams or of declines into insignificance (in their own eyes) and relative oblivion.  Ultimately captures the dreaded 3 AM self-assessment of failure, while exalting the greatness inherent in the characters which is unmistakably apparent to the audience, as Danny O'Connor penetrates to the core of each character's major anxieties and concerns.  Incomparable and impeccable instantaneous transformations from one character to another, so effective that an extended three-character episode is completely convincing.  Lots of mirrors in the play, and the play holds up the mirror to all young men who arrive at the threshold of the attempt to orient themselves within an as yet unknown, undiscovered wider and nobler world which they are on the cusp of attaining.  Playwright and six-fold masterful actor, Danny O'Connor carries off the 2-hour mono-dia-tria-logues with inestimable grandeur and depth of personality portrayal.  The play itself is a masterful delineation of the anguish young men go through as they attempt to pass through a procrastinated rite of passage to genuine manhood.  Exhilarating, riveting, ribald, and convincingly satisfying!

David E Glass -  "Zero" Audience Member
Actor and musician
Honors graduate:  Interlochen Arts Academy

Chris and I made it out to Dallas over the weekend to watch Danny perform in Zero, the play that he and Robert wrote.  It was absolutely amazing!  We were fortunate enough to be there for his first sold out show!

We were both thoroughly entertained.  Chris laughed so hard at parts that he literally was tearing up.  I was blown away by the fact that Danny could be playing 3 characters all at once and it was so easy to follow.  You always knew which character was talking.  I was totally tripped out that there were times when I would look at Danny and think, "that doesn't even look like Danny".  By changing his voice, facial expression and body language, he would actually transform himself into someone I didn't even recognize....mind boggling!

We feel so proud to be related to this amazing talent and we only feel sorry that we weren't able to make it to more than one performance.  We can't wait to follow him throughout what is sure to be a very successful career as an actor!!!

Marisa Trubitz, "Zero" Audience Member

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed "Zero" last night.  I was so impressed with just how good Danny is!  His performance was spectacular – so raucously funny and yet so poignant at times that I welled up.  The writing by Robert & Danny was very well done.  Congratulations to you all on a great night – I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Courtney Robinson, "Zero" Audience Member

I was really impressed with Danny and his ability to be so many people so fast!  A lot of talent packed in one person!  No wonder you are so proud of ZERO.  One of my favorite parts was in the second act when he danced for a while.  The whole audience got the giggles from just watching him.

Andie C., "Zero" Audience Member

This show is not to be missed!  I came late to the show one night, and came back the next night just to see the part I missed because I loved it so much!  Danny does such a wonderful job making his characters come alive, and he makes each one so really feel like it's different people playing them!  Also, the set is wonderful.  I was really intrigued by the sink and its pump.  Come see the show to find out what I'm talking about!  The staging is tight, too, and, above all, it's just plain funny.  Great entertainment...I simply loved it.

Will Riley, "Zero" Audience Member, 12 years old

Wow….I saw Zero over a week ago and I’m still thinking about it.  The night I saw it, I was mesmerized by just how this was done by one person and howling with laughter from all of the witty banter between all of the characters.  Very enjoyable and very entertaining! I see lots of shows and plays and I think where this one borders on brilliance is that I’m still thinking about it, chuckling and pondering its significance more than a week later.

Well done, Danny O’Connor!

Melanie J. Hoy, "Zero" Audience Member


I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the show.  The act with Malthazar was great along with the "Sexy when I drink".  I think you have hit upon something.  Good luck.

Mike Hiller, "Zero Audience Member"

I was engaged into the characters the entire time.  What an incredible combination of writing and energetic talent!  I really promote this as not just original entertainment but as an examination of one's self to become more than just a "zero."  I don't believe anyone walks away untouched by Danny's message and performance.

Giovanni Troncoso, "Zero" Audience Member

Wow I really enjoyed the play!  lmao and I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Danny's style reminds me of Robin Williams with his diversity of character development.  And his content was so engaging and diverse it will keep even the most discriminating critic entertained.

And I got a chance to meet and hang out with his brother and coauthor Robert. (one hell-of-a squared away soldier from the 10th Mountain...hoorah hero! )  Also, I got a chance to meet the family after the show and I was deeply touched by the loving support of his family and friends...

If you can sit through this play and honestly don't see yourself and some of your friends...well you probably grew up alone on a desert island.  What a great show.... I heard rumors about a possible Deep Ellum show ... if so I'll be there...Danny was over the top brilliant.  The content was rich enough, that I want to see it again so I get it all.

Jon Mahoney, "Zero" Audience Member

Last night, Marvin, my daughter, son-in-law and I went to see Danny O'Connor in his one man show, Zero.  His exceptional talent and honest humor coupled with poignant truths captured our imagination, allowing us to visualize and share the lives of the characters he portrays.  He's extending his show a week longer and will be performing somewhere on Deep Ellum.  Try to see him -- it's well worth your time and you'll be able to say -- I knew him when...     

Jeannie Chupack, "Zero" Audience Member

Sandy and I also went with another couple on Friday night to see Danny and laughed so hard, and reflected back on our college days.  He is a great actor and as Jeannie said, if you have a chance to see him in action, GO AND ENJOY. I know that we will be seeing more and more of this young man on stage.

Helen Swanston, "Zero" Audience Member

You haven't lived till you've seen Malthazar! Hilarious and Serious at the same time. Glad to hear it's extending.

Anonymous "Zero" Audience Member

The more I thought about "Malthazar-zar-zar," the funnier it was. and I loved lines like "bag of baby carrots."  Very original.

Anonymous "Zero" Audience Member

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